The Pantone colour match scale is an industry standard series of reference colours for use in the printing industry for litho and screen printers with specific spot colour or Pantone inks. It should guarantee you get the same colour from whichever printer you use, anywhere in the world. However, the reality is more complex as very few printers use Litho or Screen printing machines.

UK Print use modern digital printing methods, utilising a full colour CMYK process with an 4 colour ink set for printing all our products.  We use the Industry leading Caldera Grand Format RIP that mixes the CMYK ink set to obtain a close match to most Pantone colours. Some are exact but others, such as bright Neon’s and vivid oranges, specific Turquoise Pantones and some Pantone greens and blues are not achievable in the gamut of CMYK printing.

We cannot guarantee a perfect match to all Pantone colours. Please also be mindful that all submitted Pantone codes should be U (Uncoated), not C (Coated). All our media's are matte, uncoated. Coated Pantones should only be referenced for Gloss or Satin products for example Ceramics Mugs and Coasters.

UK Print, print for some of the world’s leading brands under extremely tight guidelines and specification. We will work collaboratively with you or your designer to achieve the very best print and colour for your display or requirements.

Software Controled Pantone Matching
All artwork supplied should be set as CMYK colour mode but you may have Pantone Spot Colours embedded. Our RIP is able to convert Pantone to CMYK fairly reliably, within the restrictions of CMYK printing. If you have a specific spot colour, please advise at time of order.

Standard Pantone Matching
UK Print will match to what we belive is the closet colour we can achive. We accept no resopnabilite it the colour is not to your standard. If the colour is very critical please see Advanced Pantone Matching

Advanced Pantone Matching
If you have very precise colour matching requirement or colour critical specifications for your artwork, we can offer a hard pre production sample prior to printing the full production run. There will be an additional charge for this service.

Hard pre production sample are charged at £20.00 these are usualy delivered within 3-7 days. 

Target Colour Swatch are charged on a tier basis per colour/material these are usualy delivered within 3-7 days.

1 Pantone Colour £25.00
2 Pantone Colours £20.00
3 Pantone Colours £25.00
4 Pantone Colours £30.00
5 Pantone Colours £35.00
6 Pantone Colours £40.00

7 Pantone Colours £45.00
8 Pantone Colours £50.00

All price are plus VAT

We can generate these for you if required, please supply the Target pantone referance number and we will ceate the swatch for you.

Example Target Swatch for Pantone 2399C