Click Here to see our Flip Brochure Bookshelf. This brochure can be rebranded to you your brand.

We are launching an unbranded once soon.


Download this file pack Click Here in this download pack you will see a folder called "Example Pack" this is how we need it returned to us. Your file names MUST be the same as the files in this folder.

1. Rebrand each brochure using the InDesign files

2. Save each brochure as a PDF - How to export from InDesign to web PDF

The Kids, Pets & Clothing & Fashion brochures are in progress but not ready to launch in the meantime we will use the "ComingSoonCover.pdf" We will email you the files when they are ready for you to rebrand.

Brochures Covers
1. Rebrand each cover using the JPG files within the "Covers" Folder

2. Save each cover as a JPG

It is important that you don't resize the files when saving.

You will need to create a favicon pack please use this website to do this as we require this to launch your bookshelf -

Please include this file when you send all the files back to us ""


We do make updates to these brochures so please ask the designer to bear this in mind when branding the InDesign files.

Your Own Brochures
We can add your own brochures to this bookshelf in the empty spaces these are charged at £50 per brochure, updates are charged at £20

When complete please add all the required files to a compressed folder ZIP or RAR

Please don't send us the InDesign files as the max upload is 100MB  

Please upload your files as one zip file and submit your request on the form below.

You will receive an email once your Flip Brochure goes live this usually takes around 2 working days providing that the file names supplied are identical to the "Example Pack" folder.